Did you know cavities are the biggest threat to your oral health? If you are like 91% of adults, you have had at least one in a permanent tooth. Although they are preventable, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports tooth decay as one of the most chronic conditions in America. While they may not seem like a large concern because they occur so frequently, cavities must be treated quickly, or it could result in the loss of your tooth. With early detection, the decay is stopped using tooth-colored fillings in Canton.

What is a Cavity?

Your teeth are composed of various layers. The hard-outer layer visible when you smile is the enamel. It is strong to protect the inner layers of your teeth. Underneath it is the dentin, which contains tiny tubules connecting to the soft inner layer known as the pulp. The pulp is the nerve center of your tooth, and it is vital for its proper development.

Every day, your teeth are exposed to harmful sugars, which can lead to tooth decay. When sugar combines with your saliva, it turns to an acid. If it is not removed, it slowly eats away at your enamel until a small hole forms called a cavity. If it is not treated quickly, it can eventually reach the dentin. Over time, it can infect the pulp, which could result in the loss of your tooth.

How are Cavities Treated?

Detecting a cavity early is vital to saving your tooth. When it only affects the enamel and dentin, a simple dental filling is used. In the past, metal was the most common option. While they are effective, they are dark in appearance and there is the concern for mercury exposure. As an alternative, many are now choosing tooth-colored fillings. They are made from a mixture of plastics and glass, which can be customized to match your enamel color. They provide a metal-free solution that also promotes the aesthetics of your smile.

Unfortunately, if you do not treat the cavity right away and it infects the pulp, a filling is no longer enough. Now, you will need a more invasive treatment, like a root canal, to rehabilitate the tooth.

Can Cavities Be Prevented?

Although tooth decay is common, there are several things you can do to prevent them:

  • Brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.
  • Floss in between each tooth daily.
  • Visit your dentist in Canton twice a year for a cleaning and checkup.
  • Limit your sugar consumption.
  • Drink fluorinated tap water.
  • Ask your dentist about a fluoride treatment and dental sealants.

Get a Cavity-Free Smile

With a proactive approach to your oral hygiene, you can achieve a cavity-free smile.

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