A silver lining is usually a good thing, but that isn’t necessarily the case when it comes to your smile. A gleaming gold or silver metal filling in your teeth can feel like a spotlight. Does hiding that metal filling make your coworkers think you’re grumpy all the time? Or are you nervous about giving a speech at your sister’s wedding, not because of the special occasion, but because your metal filling might show? Being self-conscious of how you smile, laugh, or talk can burden your day-to-day life, and can distract you from special occasions.

Thankfully, shiny metal is no longer your only option! You can replace your metal fillings with tooth-colored fillings and focus more on the things that make you smile.

Are Metal Fillings Bad for You?

Not only are metal fillings easily detectable, but they can impact your oral health as well. They’re created from a combination of silver, copper, tin, and mercury called amalgam. These fillings must be a certain shape, and a small amount of healthy tooth might need to be removed just to place it. Once placed, small fissures and cracks could form as the metal puts pressure on your healthy enamel over time.

What are Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Many patients and dentists are choosing tooth-colored, resin for their fillings because they are safer, easier, and hardly noticeable. You don’t have to wait to get another cavity either; you can replace your current metal fillings with tooth-colored ones. After removing the metal filling, your dentist will pick out a shade of resin that will blend in with the rest of your teeth, and then easily apply the putty-like resin to the area. It will harden in place and restore your natural looking smile!

Fillings aren’t the only ones getting a makeover. There are metal-free dental restoration options available for:

  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Inlays and overlays

Should I Replace My Metal Fillings?

Going to get your metal filling in the first place might not have been your favorite experience, so is it really worth the trouble to get it replaced with a tooth-colored filling? Most dentists would tell you yes. Metal-free fillings look and feel better than traditional fillings. Not only would you be erasing that metallic glint in your smile, but tooth-colored fillings are also:

  • Hypoallergenic, and are perfect for those with metal allergies or sensitivities.
  • Durable, lasting 10 years or more with proper care.
  • Biocompatible, with no harmful materials like mercury.

So, if you’re worried about how amalgam is impacting your oral health, or if you’re self-conscious about your metal filling, replace them with tooth-colored fillingsfor a healthy, natural, and confident smile!

About the Author

Legacy Dental Group has been serving Canton, TX since 1965. For years, Drs. Ben Bratcher, Glenn Stern, and Bret Downing have used metal-free restorations to provide their patients with fillings that are durable, functional, and beautiful. If you’re ready to replace your old metal fillings with something safer and more natural, contact Legacy Dental Group at their website or at (903) 567-4881.