Want to start 2019 on a happy note? Why not see your cosmetic dentist in Canton about enhancing your smile? Common treatment options include teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, and veneers. Each can bring new luster to your pearly whites.

Why Prescription Teeth Whitening Is Better

The problem with most over-the-counter whitening products is that they use either gritty abrasives or diluted chemical compounds that provide only a mild whitening affect. The prescription formulas available from your dentist are different. They break stains apart at the molecular level, removing years of blemishes and discolorations. The process is gentle and effective.

Does your busy schedule keep you from seeing the dentist as often as you would like? Ask your dentist about prescription-strength take-home whitening kits. The results are the same as those you would get in your dentist’s office.

Dental Veneers: Like a Facelift for Your Teeth

Sometimes prescription whitening by itself is isn’t enough to meet your cosmetic goals. If that’s the case, then dental veneers may be the solution you’re looking for. Here’s how they work:

  1. Your dentist completes a series of ultra-precise digital images of your teeth and gums. These will be used by the lab that crafts the actual restoration.
  2. Your dentist may gently etch the front of your teeth to ensure a good fit with your veneers. You will probably leave this first appointment with a set of temporary veneers in place.
  3. You will return to the dentist’s office for your follow-up appointment once the permanent veneers arrive. He or she will fit them to your teeth, making minor adjustments as needed to achieve the best possible results.
  4. Assuming everything looks good, your dentist will use a special light-activated bonding agent to complete the treatment. You’ll be able to leave the office that day, ready to show off your restored smile to the world.

The Basics of Tooth Bonding

Tooth bonding uses a special medical-grade formula that your dentist applies directly to your teeth. It’s great for correcting flaws such as chips, cracks, or unevenness. Treatment can usually be completed in a single office visit. Once in place, the results typically lasts for 10 years or longer.

Maintaining the benefits of cosmetic dentistry requires a reasonable degree of self-care on your part. This includes regular brushing and flossing, limiting sweets and simple starches, consuming alcohol only in moderation, and avoiding tobacco, vaping products, and illicit drugs. Some patients will require restorative work such as bridges, crowns, or implants prior to cosmetic treatment.

There’s a strong link between your overall health and the beauty of your teeth and gums. Keeping them looking their best means living a healthy lifestyle that include sensible nutrition, regular exercise, minimizing stress, and getting plenty of rest.

A new year is no time to be stuck with a frown on your face. Talk to your cosmetic dentist soon about the smile restoration treatments discussed in this post. You’ll soon find yourself grinning at the results. We wish you all the best throughout 2019 and beyond.

About the Author

Dr. Glenn Stern is a member of the American Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, and the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He earned his DDS degree from the Baylor University College of Dentistry in Dallas. You can reach his office online or by calling (903) 567-4881.