When you want to get the most out of your dental treatments and dental insurance, it can get complicated when you want cosmetic improvements.Since most dental insurance companies won’t cover any cost for cosmetic treatments like dental bonding or porcelain veneers, dentists have to get creative when it comes to maximizing benefits. Of course, there are other ways to offset the cost of these treatments as well.

With help from a cosmetic dentist in Canton, you can get the treatments you want while still saving some money in the process.

Why Dental Insurance Companies Rarely Cover Cosmetics

If you have dental insurance and have looked over the current benefits your plan covers, you probably saw mostly preventive and restorative treatments like cleanings, exams, fillings and X-rays. These treatments are intended to prevent dental issues from appearing as well as solve problems that are already present. In contrast, cosmetic treatments are only intended to improve the appearance of your smile and therefore have no effect on the function of your oral structures.

While this is true, dentists can still help people maximize their insurance benefits. But it largely depends on the type of treatment you’retrying to receive. When you’re filing claims through your insurance, they’ll need to use specific language that proves that you need the treatment for restorative purposes. For some cosmetic treatments, this can be the case.

How Dental Insurance Could Help Pay for Cosmetic Treatments

When speaking with a dentist, especially one who’s a member of the American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry, you’ll want to keep certain treatments in mind when trying to get coverage. For example, one of the most common treatments people try to get coverage for is direct bonding. This procedure makes use of composite resin to restore damaged teeth. For years,silver (amalgam) fillings perfectly restored teeth, but now composite resin is slowly becoming the new standard. If you have a filling or damaged tooth, make sure that the dentist notes that they’re performing treatment for restorative purposes.

Additionally, those with porcelain veneers will want to consider getting coverage for replacement veneers. Porcelain veneers on their own will almost certainly not warrant any coverage, but veneers require buffing down of enamel to place. That means if a veneer is broken or lost, you’ll need to have another one placed to provide your natural teeth effective protection.

Other Methods Worth Considering

One of the most popular methods for covering treatments not covered by insurance is CareCredit. This service allows individuals to make payments for services in more manageable chunks. It’s also ideal for those who want cosmetic services that aren’t covered by their insurance. Most people are qualified for payments that carry little to no interest as well, providing additional benefit.

Want to get the smile you’ve always wanted while still saving money? Schedule a smile makeover consultation with a dentist in Canton today!

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