Day 1

Here’s our first update from Dr. Stern’s mission trip:

In the first full day of the clinic, our team saw 214 children. We provided a wide range of services, including fillings, cleanings, and extractions. We were even able to do some root canal treatments on teenagers and save teeth that otherwise would have been lost. We’ll be cranking it up for three more full days.

Dr. Stern is serving as a leader/mentor to the dental students, as well as providing treatment in more complicated cases.

Day 2

On the second full day of the clinic, we saw 245 kids. We saw the same variety of services as day one, including wisdom tooth extraction for two Guatemalan oral surgeons. Clayton is doing great. I’m really glad he came.

Day 3

Just in: Day 3 of Dr. Stern’s mission trip. We continued to see over 200 children, as well as a good number of adults. We took a break to play soccer against a group of locals. I started as goalie, allowed several scores, and had a few saves. At least we didn’t have any injuries. Today (Thursday) is our final day of the clinic. On Friday, we will see the city of Antigua and then visit the dental school in Guatemala City.