Everyone wants to keep their smile intact. However, if you’re one of the 178 million Americans who are missing at least one permanent tooth, dental implants in Canton are the next best thing. Unlike dentures or dental bridges, dental implants integrate directly into your jawbone over several months to become a lifelike, functional, and lasting addition to your smile. While they boast an astonishing success rate of over 95%, it’s up to you to keep your new teeth healthy and in place. Here are four tips from your Canton implant dentist for preventing dental implant infections.

Tip #1: Rinse Your Mouth Regularly

While you’ll be able to easily clean your dental implant with regular brushing and flossing after it heals, it requires more gentle care initially. Mouthwashes and rinses are an excellent way to thoroughly clean the implant site without damaging or irritating it. Antiseptic mouthwashes or a glass of lukewarm saltwater will wash away any accumulating bacteria and work to prevent any infections from developing.

Tip #2: Practice a Great Dental Routine

You should always be gentle when brushing your teeth, but take extra care as you begin to brush around your new dental implant. Don’t forget to floss regularly as well to remove particles and bacteria hiding between your teeth and just underneath the gumline. A complete dental routine of brushing your teeth for two minutes twice a day and using mouthwash and floss daily is a great defense against oral infection.

Tip #3: Cut Back on Sugary Foods and Drinks

Your mouth is naturally full of oral bacteria that feeds off the sugars in the foods you eat. Eating an excess of sugary foods and drinks fuels the harmful bacteria in your mouth that can cause infection. What’s more, these sugary foods often easily get stuck in hard to clean places and encourage more bacteria to grow. To lower your risk of infection and control the number of bacteria in your mouth, you should cut down on sugary treats after getting your dental implants.

Tip #4: Keep Seeing Your Dentist for Checkups

One of the best ways of preventing dental implant infections in Canton is to see your dentist regularly. They’re able to thoroughly examine your dental implant to ensure it is infection-free and healing properly. If they identify any early warning signs of a problem, they can begin treatment right away to stop it in its tracks and prevent any long-term damage. If you follow these easy tips, you’re sure to enjoy your new complete, healthy smile in no time!

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