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Getting Patients Out of Pain and Discomfort

A dental emergency can be a surprise, but not if you know what to do when one occurs! That’s why we’ve included some important information about dental emergencies and how to handle them. Keep reading to learn more about how you can keep your smile safe and healthy from your emergency dentist in Canton.

How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies will typically fall into two different categories: sudden dental injury and infection that occurs over time. We are able to help in either of these situations, but in the meantime, learn what you can do to handle some common emergencies even before going to our office.


A toothache is a fairly common problem that is typically caused by poor dental hygiene. However, in some cases, it’s just a piece of food debris, which is why you should start by flossing around the area. If the pain persists, contact our office right away. We may need to provide root canal therapy, which can successfully remove damaged and infected tissue while keeping the rest of your tooth intact.

Chipped/Broken Tooth

A chipped or broken tooth can be painful because it exposes the inner, more sensitive parts of the smile. However, there is no need to panic! If this happens, pick up the pieces, rinse them off, and visit our office as soon as possible. In some cases, we may be able to repair the tooth. However, if it is too damaged, we may have to extract it to get you out of pain.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If your tooth gets knocked out, pick it up by the crown so you don’t damage the roots. Rinse it off carefully with water and try to put it back in its socket. If you can’t, just store your tooth in water or milk until you can come into our office. The sooner you can see our dentist in Canton, the better your chances are of successfully replanting your tooth.

Lost Filling/Crown

Losing a crown or filling can be uncomfortable, but you can cover the area with dental cement, wax, or even sugarless gum to give yourself some temporary protection. Once you’re comfortable, call our office immediately for a proper restoration.

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

While dental emergencies can never be completely prevented, there are some steps you can take to minimize the possibility of one occurring, including:

The Cost of Treating Dental Emergencies

The cost of your dental emergency can greatly vary because we have a wide range of treatment options. The best way to get a precise estimate for your dental emergency is to visit our office. One of our highly trained dentists will carefully examine your mouth before making the best recommendation to get you back to full health. We will develop a personalized treatment plan that includes cost!

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