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Which is Best: Braces, Invisalign, or ClearCorrect?

July 5, 2017

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How do braces, Invisalign, and ClearCorrect compare? After spending a few extra moments in the mirror this morning, you’ve finally decided that it’s time to get your crooked teeth straightened. They’ve bothered you for years, and finally, you want to do something about it. While you might resign yourself to getting metal braces, the fact is that there are a multitude of alternative orthodontic options available today that are great for working adults who don’t want to alter their professional image while undergoing treatment. The two most popular are Invisalign and ClearCorrect, which you’ve likely heard of. How do they compare to braces? Which one would be right for you? Today, we’re going to discuss all three so you have everything you need to know to make a confident decision!

Traditional Metal Braces

Braces have been used for decades for patients of all ages, and the reason for that is simple: they work wonderfully! Traditional metal braces are able to correct a wide range of orthodontic issues ranging from simple tooth crowding to complex jaw alignment problems. Compared to any other orthodontic treatment, they tend to be the most reliable, durable, and cost-effective.

Of course, the drawbacks of braces are well known. They use wires anchored to brackets to gently move the teeth, and there is absolutely no hiding those brackets! The chief concern many patients have with braces is that they can overtly change how the smile looks, and they can sometimes be irritating to the gums and lips. This, however, doesn’t alter their effectiveness, which is why they are still the most commonly prescribed orthodontic treatment today.


The Invisalign name is extremely well-known these days. It was invented in the late nineties to help adults straighten their teeth in a subtle and discreet way. It accomplishes this because Invisalign does away with the brackets and wires in exchange for a series of clear plastic aligner trays. Over the course of treatment, a patient simply needs to wear the trays, and each individual aligner gradually brings the teeth closer to their ideal position.

The biggest advantages of Invisalign are appearance, comfort, and convenience. The trays themselves are practically invisible on the teeth, which is why Invisalign is usually the choice for adults. This way, they don’t have to worry about how they look while they straighten their teeth. Also, Invisalign is custom-made for each patient and consists of smooth plastic, so it tends to fit much more comfortably on the teeth and gums than metal braces. Lastly, the trays are removable, giving a patient the freedom to take them off whenever they need to eat or brush their teeth.

The only drawbacks of Invisalign are that it cannot be used to correct all orthodontic problems, and it also tends to cost a bit more than traditional braces, but most patients find its benefits more than worth the value.


ClearCorrect is a clear aligner system just like Invisalign and works using the same principles. The key difference? ClearCorrect is made right here in Texas! Invisalign is a global company with factories all over the world, but ClearCorrect is a completely local product. Because of this, it tends to be more affordable than Invisalign, giving more patients the opportunity to straighten their smiles without braces.

Which One Is Right For Me?

Of course, that all depends! If you’re like most people, you’re probably leaning towards Invisalign or ClearCorrect. However, traditional braces might be the only option that can actually address your specific orthodontic issues. How can you figure out which one is best for you?

Simply consult with a local orthodontist. If they don’t offer these options, try to find one in your area who does. They’ll be able to tell you which treatment is best for your particular situation, and before you know it, you’ll be seeing a perfectly straight smile in the mirror every morning.

About the Author

Dr. Matt Brown is an orthodontist based in Canton, TX. He is a top-graduate of the Baylor College of Dentistry and has years of experience both in and out of the classroom. His goal is to find the perfect treatment for each patient so that they don’t just get the smile they want, but they enjoy the process as well. He currently practices at the Legacy Dental Group, and he can be contacted via his website or at (903) 567-4881.

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